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Cold Hard Truth About Marketing

Cold Hard Truth About Inter Net Marketing TeachingMarketing vs Teaching

I see two types of people involved in the Internet Marketing industry. First, the real marketers…

Those who appeal to the buyer’s emotions and unconscious needs… teaching and recommending products and services that solve problems.

And are able to make an income, sometimes a substantial one, from doing so. Then, there are the teachers…

Those who consider themselves “marketers” but don’t do any actual marketing.

Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence (which explores neuromarketing and brain science as a method to improve results), would argue teachers only focus on five percent of their customer’s brain…

The logical, rational part that doesn’t influence the sale. That’s if they are trying to make the sale at all!

Teachers misguidedly believe they are “helping” others in a similar position to them when all they are teaching is offering a distraction and passing on their own unprofitable bad habits.

Here are a couple of real world marketer “teaching” examples:

Marketing Teaching Example A

Pounds his subscriber list multiple times per day. He accepts his unsubscribe rate is going to be high and he won’t be “loved” by those on his list. He is somewhat comforted by a $40,000 per month income.

Marketing Teaching Example B

Writes thousands of words per week to provide “value” on a make money blog that has an impressive readership. Ironically, he’s too timid to sell anything but believes one day, somehow, his blog will become a business (one for the Underpants Gnomes). Unsurprisingly, he’s flat broke and stuck in a job he hates. Essentially, he has a time consuming and frustrating hobby.

I’m not saying either example is the best or worst way to succeed online. But, it shows marketers who actively market make money…

While teachers who fill their time with non-marketing activities do not. I could “teach” this stuff all day…

But, now is neither the time nor place.

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