Internet Marketing Dirty Tricks, Tactics, Tips and Techniques Part 1

Marketing Dirty TricksMarketing Dirty Tricks

Face it, Internet Marketers make use of “marketing dirty tricks“. But you’d be hard pressed to get them to confess to this. Still, it’s the TRUTH! Some of them may not even recognize they’re utilizing them and some of them DO know. The latter half are the folks that are raking in the dough every single day.

Just what IS a “marketing dirty trick”? Well, that’s easy. It is a sly technique utilized by individuals day-to-day to obtain a elicit a reaction out of a prospect. Or at least that’s my take on them. When you think about these words, you may think “rip – off”, “unethical”, or “illegal”. First off the techniques I’ll be talking about in this series are NOT unlawful, NOT
dishonest and NOT a rip-off.

What they ARE however is a bit on the “tricky” side. Being a marketing dirty trick or not, the point is THEY WORK if you understand them them you can learn how to turn your efforts in a real money making venture.

So, why did I call this collection of methods “Internet Marketing Dirty Tricks, Tactics, Tips and Techniques”? Well, because they are emotionally “sly” and they shout out …


And you can bet they do get that kind of response. You reading this, right? It caught your attention, didn’t it? I know you consider yourself the most truthful person on the planet, but you still needed to know just what these so called “marketing dirty tricks” were, didn’t you?

Maybe to arm yourself against them? Or perhaps you want to learn how to use them yourself. The reality of the matter is, you are here, reading these words today regardless of the explanation. So the title I used worked pretty well didn’t it here you are reading my post.

It’s just a matter of human nature you have a burning desire to know the filthy secrets that others seem to be hiding. Why do you think all those checkout stand tabloids and so called “new programs” do so well? Sure, you probably understand that the majority of, if not all the stories they pitch are a load of tripe to get you to buy or continue watching.

But you will be motivated to buy the magazine or continue watching the “news”. Even if it’s just to prove to yourself you were right and it’s absolutely nothing but hogwash and a pack of filthy lies. Grimy trick I understand. That’s the point! Which is exactly what you’re thought. You figure out how to do it eloquently and stay honest.

Diving right in, we’re going to discuss my # 1 preferred grimy trick …

Marketing Dirty Tricks #1. Creating Controversy

Absolutly one of the BEST ways to create sales is using this marketing dirty trick. It triggers 2 types of interest. Adversarial and reinforcement. And both forms of interest can work together to increase your revenues. How precisely?

Well, let’s do a fast example. Prospect 1. Prospect 2. Prospect 2 likes what you have have to say and could directly associate with exactly what you have actually stated. Prospect 1on the other hand thinks you’re an obnoxious creep filled with outrageous beliefs.

Both Prospect 1. Prospect 2 want to read and then agree with or tear apart your writing. They read and review each others comments and they are inflamed by those comments. So, they start a back and forth struggle of words based completely on what you had to say! Now comes Prospect 3, Prospect 4. Prospect 3, and Prospect 4 include their two cents and take sides of who’s right and who’s wrong. Then come more remarks. And more, and more.

And if you’re selling something that broadens the reach of your post or sales page, you’ll get both those that hate just what you had say, and if then agree OR disagree with your point they’ll buy your product. The negative people will want additional evidence that you’re an overall moron while the positive people will want to discover more about exactly you have to say.

Each day, millions of folks post on the in social media in an e-mail, or a blog site. The way to make use of thie marketing dirty trick is to make what you talk about controversial and stand out.

Never be boring and try to please everyone, you’ll never get anywhere with that approach.

Make sure that your writings communicate the passion that you feel be it unfavorable or favorable. If you are efficiently creating controversy the majority of people that read it will either love you or hate. EYou win in both cases because you sparked their imagination and brought out some pretty powerful feelings.

Give them an opportunity to interact to see how they feel about it (think Huffington Post), will almost certainly generate more revenues for you! But, in order to use controversy you have to be willing to take a stand on a particular subject, no “middle of the road” remarks will work.

If you tick people off then great! Don’t pull back on your opinions. That defeats the purpose of using this strategy entirely. If some people do not like exactly what you’re stating, who cares ?? A t least you had the guts to stand up for what you think and state it.

And that’s the point this marketing dirty trick that you will stumble upon to those that adore your writings.

The first of my marketing dirty tricks works. The Huffing Post fantastic instance of using this method. They makes use of controversy in their blog posts and comments and they make tremendous revenues from the dust they kick up. Some folks hate then, some people love them. The love-hate aspect does not actually matter.

Exactly what does matter is that people are reading just what exactly what they wanted. And people reading are clicking and buying the offers whey have on their site.

It works! They are earning excellent money from using this “marketing dirty trick”.

Rationale of the first of the marketing dirty tricks I want to talk to you about:

Talk your mind, stimulate people with your words, and see it explode into a roaring flame of income.