A Simple PayPal Shopping Cart For WordPress

Paypal for WordPress

Brown County Humane SocietyI work with the local Humane Society here in Brown County Indiana supporting their website. They wanted to be able to maintain the content of the site themselves and have worked very hard to learn Word Press.

I am amazed how well a non-technical group of people have picked up the skills so rapidly and I make sure I commend them on their efforts to keep them motivated.

I noticed they were attempting to create a “Christmas Wishlist” using the tools they had (Gravity Forms) and despite their best efforts the appearance left something to be desired. What was needed was a simple, easy to use Shopping Cart so they could craft a page soliciting donations that was both functional, attractive and simple to use. I did a little research and found a Plugin that fits the bill. “Simple PayPal Shopping Cart” and best of all it’s free.

A quick test produced this result and over the weekend this will be implemented on the “production” website so that a mailing can be done bringing attention to this holiday fund raising effort.

How Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Works

Brown County Humane SocietyThe install is simple enough just add the plugin. The configuration page is very straight forward with only a few options that need to be set

Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Configuration Screen

Of course the most important option to set is the PayPal email address so that donation can actually be accepted.

Something Very important to do while setting up and building the cart you should be sure that the “Sandbox” option is checked for safety and to actually go through the donation process to make sure it works as expected.

Implementing Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

Simple PayPal Shopping CartThere are only two short codes to make the magic happen:

[wp_cart:PRODUCT-NAME:price:PRODUCT-PRICE:end] to specify each item (PRODUCT-NAME) and it’s price (PRODUCT-PRICE)
[show_wp_shopping_cart] to show the cart once items are added. This can be in a widget (how we are implementing it) or directly on the “Wishlist” page.

I’ll keep you posted as we roll this out to masses and how successful it’s been.